Ignite Carrying The Shield For New Growth

Posted: November 3, 2016

Ignite Joe Public celebrates another new business partnership, this time as the lead agency on Unilever’s prestigious Shield brand.

As the number one deodorant in South Africa, Shield is an established and well-recognised household name.

Ignite’s fresh and innovative multi-channel approach to their 2017 campaign work impressed the brand team that felt it would resonate strongly with a growing local market.

“We love the insights and ideation that Ignite brings to the table. We are very excited to bring them on board in 2017 as they share the strategic vision for where we see our brand going in the future,” said Bakani Ntaisi, Senior Brand Building Manager for Shield.

This new business acquisition marks yet another opportunity for Ignite Joe Public this year and the agency is keeping a solid pace in terms of their differentiated multi-channel offering.

“We are delighted to onboard this powerful brand from the Unilever stable. Being part of the Unilever family is an honour and we truly value the strategic thinking and energy demonstrated by the Shield team,” said Ursula McDonald, Managing Partner for Ignite. “We look forward to partnering with them in their growth.”