Radio Drives The Importance Of Using Genuine Parts Home For Mercedes-Benz

Posted: March 4, 2016

Radio, unlike many other mediums, has the power to really move you, letting your imagination do the work. Great radio campaigns that work to win the minds and hearts of consumers are testament to the power of sound and how it can make you laugh, cry, think and ultimately, act.

Conceptualised by Joe Public (ATL) and Ignite Joe Public (Cross-platform), Mercedes-Benz genuine truck parts' campaign, comes to life through a well-told story, igniting the consumers imagination. The story features what truck drivers might be getting up to whilst waiting for their trucks to be repaired, with each action resulting in a hard cost. In essence, it's the story about wasted time being wasted money.

These spots are thought provoking, fresh and finely produced, making the most of an insightful idea.